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A Decentralized
NFT-to-NFT Exchange

With complex multilateral, multi-nft exchange capability for enhanced liquidity. Built for       Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

NFT Exchange

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Don't buy or sell NFTs. Trade NFTs!

Trade NFTs-for-NFTs efficiently, and securely without exchanging currency.

How NFTDEX Works

NFTDEX makes it easy to get NFTs you want in exchange for those you don't want, by solving the "coincidence of wants" problem of non-fungible barter; by facilitating complex, multilateral trades of single or bundled NFTs.


Start by Sending 5+ Trade Offers

Search the marketplace for NFTs you are willing to trade for and send 5 or more trade offers.


Receive Algorithmic Trade Options

Market maker algorithms identify multilateral trade options, maximizing trade options far beyond only directly-received offers.


Trade Securely and Efficiently

Smart contracts handle complex multilateral trade routing, trustlessly managing ownership transfer upon trade completion.

Why Trade NFTs?

By trading NFTs,  you effectively use your NFTs as currency and make a trade in one single transaction. Otherwise, if you sell and buy the traditional way, you pay a transaction fee both when you buy, and sell.  It's like trading physical baseball cards in a modern, more effective way.


Ample Trade Options

Money was created as a medium of exchange to alleviate limitations of trading non-fungible goods. NFTDEX solves these limitations and provides ample trade options and liquidity. Supply NFTs you want in exchange for those you demand.


Low Transaction Fees, Fast Settlement

The combination of low transaction fees and fast settlement times on Solana blockchain makes for a better user experience overall. Users don't have to wait long periods of time for their transactions to be confirmed, and don't have to worry about high fees eating into their profits.

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